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A Whovian Halloween

Everything you Need for a Doctor Who Themed Party…

The recent revitalisation of ‘Doctor Who’ has captivated and inspired millions of geek-chic, cult fans. A new generation of little Whovians have been born and just love to huddle around the small screen to watch the manic antics and tom-foolery of everyone’s favourite ‘Doctor’. This show sparks the imagination of the youth and rekindles the fire of adventure in the more%u2026supposedly mature! Any time, any place, where will it be? The concept opens up endless plot lines and fantastic stories and transports the mind to brave new climes and crazy capers as it the Doctor comments that he ‘only takes the best’ and humanity dreams of edging closer to a worthy, wonderful version of our true selves.

This Hallowe’en why not trip the TARDIS fantastic or make trick-or-treat house calls with the Doctor? bring the time-vortex to your own home and party like it was 5199 and Captain Jack has been on the margaritas!

This lens offers some hints and tips to a Whovian’een for small cost and big fun!

Bigger on the Inside

1.) Big Blue Box!

The TARDIS may be bigger on the inside but you still want a grand gesture to welcome your weary travellers and luckily this is easy to achieve and fun for the kids. Even the little picasso’s that insisit on colouring outside the lines won’t have much trouble painting some white card, ‘bobby’ blue. Printer paper or newspaper etc is probably too rippable when soggy so something more durable is advised but if you start now you can just save cereal packets, pizza boxes etc and paint away.

If you want your blue sheets to look even more authentic, simply cut a corner off your kitchen, sponge/scrubber, about one inch from the end and draw it lightly along your, still wet, paint in straight lines, so that it looks like panels of wood and you can even use the flat end of a nail to make ‘nail’ impressions in the paint.

Wait for your card to dry and then simply stick them all over the door to your ‘party’ room until you have a big, blue rectangle – I KNOW that you’re worried about sellotape or marking the wood so use blue tack or you can now get those removable glue dots in a pound shop. Alternatively you could staple or pin the cards to an old sheet and drape it over the door.

Now at the top you need some long strips of white paper with the words ‘POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX’ and a simple A4 sheet saying, ‘POLICE TELEPHONE, FREE USE FOR OF PUBLIC, ADVICE & ASSISTANCE OBTAINABLE IMMEDIATELY, OFFICER & CARS RESPOND TO ALL CALLS, PULL TO OPEN’

You can just draw on the rectangle panels with a blue or black marker or be more adventurous and use papier mache or strips of medical plaster (just add water).

Craft Who Aids

Console Room

2.) Console Room!

Ideally for this you’ll need a circular table but you can always improvise. Next you need a cylindrical object, say about a foot high and at least 20cm across. You can pick up a cheap bucket from various discount stores and that would be perfect. Next you need a cheap, paper table cloth, spread it over your up turned bucket. It would look best to strengthen your table cloth from the circle at the centre. You can do this by using metal strips from old wire coat hangers, bamboo shoots, tent poles, or taping together used kitchen roll tubes, staple, sellotape or glue to the underside of your table cloth from the centre to the edge of the table in a radial pattern, like the spokes of an umbrella, dividing your circle into six triangles. (leave plenty of slack between the spokes of your wheel so that the material dips between them and you can set snacks and dips etc in the six compartments).

Now for the time rotor you’ll need to fashion together a clear barrel shape. The easiest way to do this is to use a round biscuit tin, paint over it with the colour/s of your choice and then buy some clear plastic or acetate sheets and bend them into a circle, held by the tin base. Alternatively you could use an old paint barrel, or even use collected lolly pop sticks to make a hexagonal circle or even some rectangular food packaging, that’s sturdy but pliable enough to bend into a circle and tape it tight. You could use tracing paper instead of acetate, net curtain material (but you’d need to build sides to support it), or that clear laminating stuff that comes in tubes for backing books etc but you’d need to fashion a cardboard hoop at both ends to stick it to.

What you put inside the ‘rotor’ is up to you but here are a few helpful suggestions:

Half blown up and knobbly shaped balloons

Lighting would be cool – you could buy one of those simple round, push on/push off battery powered lights and attach it to the bottom, shining up through the rotor or those, also cheap, led colour changing globe lights (often used in juggling for light-up poi)

If you are using lighting, than the laminate sheets are a great idea for the sides of your cylinder as you can tear up bits of tin foil and arrange them on the sticky side of the laminate, making a large lantern, shining space/star patterns through your pattern.

If you can afford to splurge a little, a cheap bubble maker can be picked up for about £10.00 and would look very cool – anything simulating the elements – fire, light, water, wind is cosmic enough for a time and space ship that’s bigger on the inside!

You could similar set a lava lamp in there or make a ‘roller coaster’ – spiralling strips of card down the cylinder, with maybe some fluffy blue candy floss for clouds

You could also fill it with foam balls, put water in the water and throw in some bath bombs for that mad scientist look, dry ice might be beyond your grasp but perhaps a cheap travel fans could be secured in place with feathers or bought, cheap flower petals, the polystyrene squiggles in packaging or even using bubble wrap to add texture and placing some space theme wrapping paper in the centre to be warped through the bubbles.

Mirrors are a great idea, in general, you can buy small mosaic squares for decorations or lining your walls with long mirrors (you can pick these out for as cheap as £5 in B&M Bargains in the UK) make the room look ‘bigger on the inside’.

Atmosphereic Conditions!


The great thing about throwing a Halloween party is that you can keep your kids entertained for months making decorations and costumes for it. It’s Hocus Pocus Time Witches Shirt is a great example.

Otherwise you could make a small version using food packaging cardboard or a larger scale pouch using MDF or mounting board which usually costs about £4 for an A0 sheet.

Cut out two trapieze shapes – about 1 ½ foot straight edge with a 1foot straight side running parallel and centered to the longer side and about 1 foot between them. Then draw straight lines up from the ends of your longer line at right angles, about 2-2inches long and join those ends to the shorter straight side ends. You’ll need two of these – one for each flank.

Cut a rectangle – 1foot long and half a foot wide for the top and sellotape these three sides together so you now have the two body sides and top and holes at the front and back. The front and back will also be simple rectangles but with a fold at the base. Sellotape and re-enforce on the inside, all the sides and you have the body.

The head is a rectangle with a 3D trapieze added on, you could use already made rectangle, like a box of sugar cubes (empty of course). To avoid more cutting, the snout of the head could be made from a triangular sandwich packet. Now the kids can have great fun painting the whole thing grey and making the extra little embellishments that make K-9 his unique self. Roses/Quality Street chocolate wrappers make cool, colourful eyes.

Party Games/Music/Invites

Well the obvious is the DVD Doctor Who Trivia Board game or buying a cheap Doctor Who Quiz book and you could let your players advance in levels from Doctor 1-11, making little badges or tokens from pictures downloaded from the internet.

  • You could also have a ‘best Dalek or Cyberman’ impression contest
  • Play with Doctor Who Trump cards
  • And what I love – gather household rubbish, not the smelly, nasty kind but plastic bags, toliet roll tube, egg boxes etc, divide your party into four or so groups and give them 20minutes to create and invent the best Doctor Who bad guy that they can from the debris.
  • You can also download sound bites from the series and play a ‘name that episode’ game – you used to be able to get these downloaded directly to your phone using the website under Doctor Who Mobile.
  • Have a costume contest and take photos of everyone beside a TARDIS for posterity.
  • Make conventional games ‘Whovian’ for example, pictionary or charades but with Doctor Who prompts, convert your monolopy board into a Doctor Who board with Whovian references and forfeits like, “You have arrived in Versailles – eat a banana for your banana diaquari”.
  • Write your own episode by seating everyone in a circle and giving them each a piece of paper, everyone writes a first line and then passes the page to the left for the second line etc (davies/Moffet eat your heart out!)
  • If it’s a nice night, a treausure/scavanger hunt to find Doctor Who related articles around your house and garden is a great idea
  • You could also buy one of the kids Doctor Who story books and attribute whovian actions to certain words that kids can act out as you read or if you are having a quiz, you could make sound effects to go with your teams or right or wrong answers like, the TARDIS materialising, ‘Delete’ or ‘Exterminate’ for a wrong answer, sonic screwdriver or Doctor quote for the right ones lik ‘You’re brilliant’, ‘Fantastic’ oe indeed ‘Geronimo’.